Ashby Road’s main line of work is car servicing and MOT testing.

We make sure we have the right knowledge and equipment to service any petrol or diesel car on the road, and we can carry out your car service if it’s in the warranty period or not.

Using genuine parts or parts that meet the same standard as genuine parts, we carry out hundreds of car services each year.

We use a vehicle database called Autodata that gives us all the service and repair information for any car that comes in the workshop. This includes new vehicles. We pay each month to receive all the technical information on any vehicle on the road. This matches any dealer database.

If you wish to use Ashby Road in the vehicles manufacturers warranty period that’s not a problem. We will use genuine parts and go exactly to the manufacturers service recommendations.

You will be given a detailed service sheet to show we have gone to the exact service schedule.

The service book will be stamped, an invoice including VAT will be given, and your service light we will reset.

So we will service to the same standard, use the same information, use genuine parts but for a fraction of the dealership price.

We can Collect and Deliver your car back to you! CONTACT US